Unique Handcrafted Gold Rings


Exclusive rings with precious stones is a good gift that will be appreciated by relatives, friends or the loved one. Ring collections with precious stones symbolize strength and beauty of the planet Earth. Over time, they move into the category of family jewels. Exclusive rings with pearls will create an image of perfection for their holders; gold rings with blue sapphires will recharge with their energy and empower with great forces: faith, hope, love. Ring collections of antique forms will reinforce the image of modern man and emphasize individuality and noble image.




You can buy exclusive rings with gemstones, shown in the catalogue, by previous appointment in the Showroom of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House or order them on our website.

As well as with the help of our artisans you can create completely new handcrafted author's rings of gold, in which all your tastes and wishes will be taken into account


Initially, the men always wore silver and gold rings, over time this fashion came to women, who began considering the jewelry rings their main adornments. Ladies demonstrate collections of rings made from precious metals, which are complemented with earrings, brooches, pendants and other jewelry. The great ones had the rings, which left a distinctive imprint in history. Genghis Khan had a golden ring with jade, on which the Tiger standing on gold plate in a circle was engraved. Every Pope has a ring with amethyst, which shows Saint Peter the Apostle as a fisherman, symbolizing the Supreme. In addition, Russian Emperor Paul III wore a ring with Ruby. Experts soon found out that it was a 3.6-carat pink diamond, stored now in the collection of treasures of the Hermitage. 

Today the representatives of Royal dynasties wear handmade gold rings as symbols, reflecting the high status of the owner. Prince of Monaco Albert II gave engagement ring in white gold with diamonds to Charlene Wittstock. Swedish Princess Victoria's wedding ring with sapphires and diamonds, won a true admiration from art fans, Kate Middleton in turn riveted the press' attention on the exclusive engagement ring with sapphire. 

Jewelry brands Harry Winston, Damaini, VanCleef & Arpels and De Beers produce jewelry rings, reflecting the latest trends of modern design in the jewelry business. Fashion jewelry, manufactured by Swarovski and Crystal, looks quite interesting next to the famous brands. 

Gold rings, rings with Slavic ethnic patterns, exclusive handcrafted gemstone rings is the embodiment of beauty and grace of the jeweler's art. Auction house Christie's presented for sale an exclusive diamond collection of Elizabeth Taylor. Demonstration of the world's largest cut diamond "Cullinan" was held thereat. American magazine Forbes wrote about that. The Tsarevna Swan diamond ring created by the artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House is registered by the Guinness World Records as the diamond record of the world. The world's largest number of diamonds (2,525 diamonds in one jewel) are set therein. Today exclusive jewelry rings with precious stones and priceless materials can be seen in the museums of Paris – Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, at the jewelry exhibitions of the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of the Moscow Kremlin, at The JCK in Las Vegas, where the expensive and valuable jewelry is presented.